What's New: Never Stop Learning

What’s New: Never Stop Learning

A couple of weeks back I purchase an egghead.io subscription. If you don’t know what egghead.io is, they explain it well on their homepage:

Learn the best JavaScript tools and frameworks from industry pros.

Video tutorials for badass web developers.

Ruby is my strong suit, just see my open source collaborations. But lately, I’ve been working more and more with JavaScript, mostly React. I’ve done well enough, but I could use some help, especially from industry pros.

So far, I’ve been satisfied with the platform and content, I’ve completed these courses:

  1. How to Write Open Source Javascript Library
  2. Advance JavaScript Foundations
  3. Up and Running with TypeScript
  4. Use TypeScript to develop React Applications
  5. Build Custom CLI Tooling with oclif and TypeScript
  6. Design Systems with React and TypeScript in Storybook
  7. Reduce Redux Boilerplate with Redux-Actions
  8. Introduction to State Machines Using XState

After I’m done with egghead.io, I plan to move to TESTING JAVASCRIPT.com which is created by the same crowd, but hyper-focused on JavaScript testing.

Photo by Jessica Ruscello | “assorted book lot”