MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013, ~7 years old) on macOS Catalina.


A long time Atom user, I’ve been experimenting with VS Code lately. I’ve had to relearn some shortcuts and find new extensions, but ultimately I’ve been pleased with the experience.

Developer Tools

Desktop Apps

Web Apps

Chrome Extensions

  • React/Redux Developer Tools
  • uBlock Origin: Ad blocker
  • UBlacklist: Blocks specific sites from appearing in Google search results
  • JSON Formatter

Screencast Preferences/Settings

  • Prefer full screen, toggle using mousepad and not ⌘ + tab
  • Text Editor
    • Configure editor’s font size: 14 and window’s zoom level: 2
    • Hide the side bar if possible
  • Use font size 24 in the terminal (I’ve created a “screencast” profile)
  • Use a “Hide Desktop Icons” setting if available
  • Record at native resolution: 2560x1600 @2x, export at 50% 1280x80.
  • Audio: Apply Noise Reduction, EQ, Compressor and Normalizer to voice recordings.

Photo by Todd Quackenbush | toolkit and tools