New Hardware

New Hardware

After 10+ years of using Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Mouse, don’t judge, I switched! I bought Logitech’s MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard and MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse with Hyper-fast Scroll.

Often, I work with Windows and Mac, side-by-side, and Logitech Flow makes it so much easier.

//TODO: Blog about setting up the Magic Mouse 2 in Windows 10

For most of my development I’m using Ubuntu, installed through WSL. I needed the contents of a file inside Ubuntu in my Mac: I read the file contents and sent that to the Windows Clipboard:

cat secrets.txt | clip.exe

I moved my mouse into my Mac and because my clipboard is shared across computers I was able to paste the contents inside the secrets.txt on my Mac. That single operation used all three operating systems at once!

Other Pros

  • Being able to charge the mouse while in use
  • The mouse ergonomics are much better than the Magic Mouse
  • The scroll wheels are truly amazing and I have a middle click button
  • Quickly toggle between 3 devices (even without using Flow)
  • Having a numpad
  • No switches to toggle when changing between Windows/Mac
  • USB Type C, no more lighting cables

Photo by Raul Perțe